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Ageing Without Children

A Different Path to Fulfillment —Counseling and Conversations. Nearly 20% of Baby Boomers don’t have children. Are you one of them? Some are part of a couple. Many live alone. Some are child-free because of choice. Others are … [Read More...]

What’s Next? Sunday Salons – 2021 – Online Options – Contact us for details.

Redefining Retirement— What gets you up in the morning? What matters to you the most? How do you live now that you know you will not live forever? Would you like to change your life in some way but are not sure how? Do you find … [Read More...]

Encore Careers Workshops – 2021 – Online – Contact us for details.

As promised, LMP is once again offering the Bay Area's Encore Career Workshops, a job search skills workshop designed for people 50+ in the midst of career transition, or reentering the job market. Explore your motivations, assess your … [Read More...]