From Working Full Time to Living Full Time Workshops – Fort Mason, San Francisco – Watch for 2021 Schedule!

Reinvent Your Retirement to Find Substance, Fulfillment, and Satisfaction in Life.

What Would You Love To Do That You Aren’t doing Now?
And Why Aren’t You Doing It?

Have you recently retired, or have plans to do so soon? Or, perhaps, you left full-time employment years ago and are ready to shake things up a bit, do something different.

Whether your next step is several years away or you are ready to take a leap today, the idea of living life more fully may be on your radar. You may know what you want to do but have lost momentum or become unsure of where to begin. Perhaps you are getting that inner nudge to reinvent but you haven’t found the clues you need to discover what you really want to do. Contact us for workshop dates.

Or, if you prefer personal sessions, I can help. Let’s talk. With structured focus, practical strategies, and step-by-step proven methods, together we can explore your personal talents, skills, and goals in a thoughtful, challenging, and motivating way. Develop your action plan in personal interactive sessions to become fully engaged in a meaningful and satisfying life.

Appointments for new clients in Corte Madera, CA, are now available. Contact Luanne Mullin for more information and to book your first session.